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DRIVING AND TEXTING: Event and Interviews....


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Guilty As Charged...
Stop Texting And Driving!

Miami, Florida- Recent driving tragedies involving text messaging while driving are evidence that driving distractions are becoming as prevalent as drinking and driving in terms of inhibiting individuals driving abilities.

According to recent driver research by DTAD-SAL (Don’t Text and Drive – Save a Life) and information found on the Unites States Department of Transportation website(s), email, instant and text messaging while driving leads the list as the biggest distraction while driving.

In a national survey of more than 1900 adults and teens with driver's licenses from 26 cities, DTDSL rated the following behaviors or activities as "extremely" or "very" distracting:

  • Instant or text messaging while driving - 46 percent
  • Drivers emotional state - 30 percent
  • Having several friends in the car - 9 percent
  • Talking on a cell phone - 4 percent
  • Eating or drinking - 7 percent
  • Having a passenger in the car - 3 percent
  • Listening to music - 1 percent
“This campaign should be in every newspaper and on every television show around the country. Our impact has to be made now. Communication technology is growing and text-messaging is as common now as was sliced bread”, says Clay Johnson member and advocate. Mr. Johnson says the idea for this campaign and organization came during a business trip to Los Angeles where a horrific accident took the lives of several people. The driver was texting while operating a city of Los Angeles metro-rail. Because of this experience and many others, his company has taken an active role in texting and traffic safety across the United States. Recent developments involving texting and driving have caused alarm and in some states like California and laws have been created to stop the dangerous practice. The largest offender based on a study by , is young adults (86%). The belief is that if we start to be responsible now, we can benefit today.

Don’t Text and Drive’s mission is to prevent and inform every one of the consequences of using any mobile device while driving. By working with auto-makers, wireless device manufacturers, insurance providers, and other safety conscious companies we can promote good behavior and create technology that allows for safer communication while driving (i.e. voice text, and auto-reply text). How else will the members of Don’t Text and Drive – Save a Life get the word out? It has not been simple. Schools have turned down free presentations to student drivers and some companies that have been approached for support have blamed the economy for their lack of effort. Text-Nation has so much passion they are spending their own dollars to travel, create products and help spread the message. “You can’t place a dollar amount on saving someone’s life. Life is priceless. I’m using all of my resources and contacts to drive this message home”, says Christina Daverne, owner of BRMedia and member. A tour slated for June 2009 has followed this campaign all over the country and benefit fundraisers in:

  • Kicked off in Atlanta, GA with special performance by Mykel McKintosh with songs from his soon to be released album “Love Noize”.
  • Next Stop...MIAMI. With Special guests from Slip N Slide Records. November 14th.

“Our celebrity friends are really rolling their sleeves up, Junior Sanchez, Bryce Wilson, Lupe Fiasco, and Abebe Lewis (Circle House) have all signed on and support this effort and that really helps”, says Daverne. Guests who have confirmed interest in attending are superstars and local celebrities alike. Donnie Klang (Making of the Band MTV), Jonas Brothers, Usher, Hannah Kang (Grand Hustle, T.I.), Chachi (Ethiopian Songtress), Daddy-O (Stetasonic), Shay Johnson (Flavor of Love, Charm School), Don Omar, Mykel McKintosh, Mary Mary, The Kardashians, and Tyra Banks have all agreed that the cause is well worth attending.

Don’t Text and Drive – Save a Life is more than another responsibility campaign, it’s a way of life we should all adopt. Join us November 14, 2009 from 7p-10p at AE District 3852 N. Miami Ave. Miami, Fl 33137.

Note to Editor: S.T.A.D (or D.T.A.D) will be available for interviews before the event on November 14th. Please contact Holly at 713.398.2398 or to book an interview, or cover our event.


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