Tuesday, September 8, 2009

J2: Empowering Women's Writing Group

Hey, I found this on the Miami New Times website, and this would be great to cover. Even if you are J1 and find it interesting, let me know!

Reflective Writing: A Women's Writing Group


Price: $10

South Miami Hospital offers a six-week writing program that teaches women how to use expressive writing techniques such as journaling and poetry to overcome obstacles and accept change, while promoting personal growth. The group meets at South Miami Hospital, East Tower, U.S. 1 and SW 62 Avenue. The workshop is led by certified poetry therapist and is presented by South Miami Hospital’s Behavioral Medicine and Collaborative Medicine Program. No previous writing experience is necessary. The fee is $10 per session. For a schedule of dates and times, call 786-662-8106.

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  1. I'd be interested in covering it. What kind of angle should I approach it with (just doing what NT did and write about it kind of promoting it or should I go in and take one of the classes myself and give like an insiders perspective of some sort?) Would I need some kind of pass to waive the fee so I can go in and talk to the people and sit in on the course you think? Let me know!