Monday, October 5, 2009

Marco Rubio / Conservatives on UM campus

Do a bio on the rising Conservative, find out what his exact ideas are. Talk to the Republican/Conservative groups on campus and see if he has the students support.

Marco Rubio: Conservative Casanova

Barack Obama is in the White House. Healthcare reform that's been compared to socialism is on the horizon. Climate change legislation could be next.

What's the conservative media to do but fall in love?

And it has, head over wingtip-clad heels, with a charismatic, bilingual 38-year-old from Miami named
Marco Rubio.

The former leader of the Florida House has dared to challenge the state's most popular politician, Gov. Charlie Crist, for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate.

"He's not the favorite in this race, but he's the best one running,'' gushed talk show host Laura Ingraham recently. I'm all about supporting true conservatives.''

ImagesThe National Review made Rubio its September cover boy and swooned in its headline Yes, HE CAN.'' The American Spectator called him the great right hope.'' George Will even predicted a Rubio upset in his nationally syndicated column after just a half hour in his presence at the Biltmore
Hotel in Coral Gables.

Crist allies are starting to push back at the notion that Rubio is a conservative's dream candidate. Rubio is undoubtedly to the right of the governor, but he has strayed on occasion from the GOP's core principles of smaller government and less spending. Keep reading here

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