Friday, October 23, 2009

Shakespeare...AU STYLE MODERNE!!!

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EVENT: “SHAKE IT UP”: You Thought You Knew Shakespeare? Think again…

DATE: On Friday Nov. 20, 2009 at 6:30pm at AE District (3852 N. Miami Avenue in the Miami Design District) -- The Krane, The New Light Studio/Gallery, Schnebly Redland’s Winery, AE District, and The University of Miami Masters Program in Creative Writing will join forces to bring you a night of cocktails and monologues called SHAKE IT UP: a series of original monologues that turn Shakespeare on his head. This is Shakespeare with a 21st century twist, performed by Miami’s hottest talent. Curtain rises at 8pm sharp.

PLACE: The show will be located at AE District (3852 N. Miami Avenue)

COST: Tickets ($15). For more information and advanced ticket sales please call Vanessa Garcia at 305-450-9931 or . She can put you in contact with any and all of the sponsors and/or writers you wish to speak with, as well as the producers and directors of the show.

DESCRIPTION: A group of writers from Miami, New York, Atlanta, and other cities around the U.S., were given a prompt

and told to write a new, contemporary monologue inspired by that prompt. From those submissions, a jury selected the best monologues for performance.

What the writers didn’t know was that the prompts they each received were lines or phrases from within Shakespeare’s body of work.

The result: SHAKE IT UP – a mixture of timeless themes spun with a good dose of 21st century mess, fun, quirkiness, and drama. Pure poetry united under the umbrella of The Bard, without the thous and thus’s.

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